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About The Team

Dean Allbritton

Director, Center for the Arts and Humanities
Associate Chair of Spanish

Miller 202

Dean Allbritton began work as the Director of the Center in Fall 2021 after previously serving as its Associate Director. A first-generation-to-college professor with strong ties to his Latinx roots, his research is on representations of health, sexuality, and gender in contemporary Spanish culture with particular focus on the ongoing HIV/AIDS epidemic. True to the legacy of the Center, Dean works to support the bold ideas of students and faculty, the inspiring research they carry out, and the collaborative possibilities and life-changing potential of the arts and the humanities at Colby.

Mohammad Shabangu

Associate Director, Center for the Arts and Humanities
Assistant Professor of English

Miller 232

I am an Assistant Professor of English at Colby College. My teaching and research interests fall at the intersection of postcolonial literatures of the 20th/21st century, global Anglophone literature, world literary theory, contemporary African-diasporic cultural production, as well as decolonial strategies in higher education in South Africa. My current book project is titled Globality: the double bind of African diasporic writing, and it engages with contemporary literary texts written by African writers. The book mediates on questions about the supposed ‘conflict’ between the social and artistic impulses behind the production of contemporary African writing. It also demonstrates how, at the level of form, the innovations of African writers in the globalised Anglophone literary scene suggest a refusal of the taxonomies by which African literature is often approached and valued.

Megan Fossa

Assistant Director, Center for the Arts and Humanities

Miller 202

Megan Fossa joined the Center for the Arts and Humanities in 2014 and serves as the Assistant Director. Megan is responsible for providing strategic direction and operational support for the Center, and coordinates and supports all faculty programs and courses that are associated with the Annual Humanities Theme. She is responsible for pre-event planning, on-site execution, and post-event follow-up for social, co-curricular, and community programs. Megan also processes finances, and supervises the student advisory board, along with student interns.

Megan received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Marketing / Public Relations at Thomas College, and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Ayla Fudala

Communications Coordinator, Center for the Arts and Humanities

Miller 201

Ayla Fudala has worked for the Center for the Arts and Humanities since February 2019. She runs all communications for the Center, the Environmental Humanities Initiative, and the New England Humanities Consortium. She also runs the Center and Environmental Humanities Student Advisory Boards, produces FAUNA Environmental Humanities Literary and Art Magazine, and helps to plan and run the  annual Colby Summer Institute in Environmental Humanities.

She holds a Master’s in Environmental Culture and Communication from the University of Glasgow, and a Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies and English from the University of Pennsylvania.