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Developing interdisciplinary, human centered approaches to AI scholarship, curricula and entrepreneurship.


The Davis Institute for Artificial Intelligence at Colby is the first cross-disciplinary institute for artificial intelligence (AI) at a liberal arts college. The Institute facilitates interdisciplinary, human-centered scholarship using rich datasets with real-world consequences and prepares students for a future where AI is transforming industries, careers, and modes of discovery, creativity, and scholarship. AI shapes all our lives; we should all be informed, critical AI tool users and tool builders.


-AI and learning-

Experience: Hands-on
Artificial Intelligence

Davis AI’s postdoctoral associate Tahiya Chowdhury turned her JanPlan course into an opportunity to share AI tools and tips with others across the community. Her Medium blog posts offer insight into teaching AI tools to students as well as sharing what the use of AI really looks like.

 Anyone who uses an AI tool in some part of their daily life, is an AI user. Well, this is most of us. – Tahiya Chowdhury

-AI in maine-

The State of AI in Maine

The Roux Institute in Portland, Maine hosted a conference on the State of AI in Maine. Speakers at the conference included faculty from Colby – Amanda Stent, Director of the Davis Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Dale Kocevski, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy.


-An Art exhibit featuring ai-

Davis Institute for AI Issues a Call for Art

Art made with the help of artificial intelligence can be controversial, but it’s also a way to showcase human creativity.

Students, faculty, and staff were asked to create art using AI tools. Now their artwork will be showcased in the AI & ART EXHIBIT. 



MARCH 30, 2023 | 6:00 PM

Visiting Artist – Artist Talk and Concert/Installation

Felipe Tovar-Henao is a Colombian composer and software developer who specializes in computer-assisted creativity, procedural art, and music information retrieval.  Check out the Events page for more details!


APRIL 10, 2023 | 6:00 PM

Panel discussion to culminate the work of Senior Fellow Oscar Santillan. Panel personnel include Lisa LaFleur, Amanda Stent and Erica Wall. This Art & AI panel discussion will be at the Greene + Block, downtown Waterville.

See the Events page for more information.


APRIL 13, 2023 | 7:00 PM

Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights

Shibulal Family Associate Professor of Computer Science at Harvard College; Co-author of AI Bill of Rights; Assistant Director for Data and Democracy for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

See the Events page for more information.